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You offer innovative, different tourism experiences?

You're seeking a way to promote them?

You're wondering how to reach an international audience?


Publish your experiences on www.spain.info, the official Spanish Tourism website, and prepare to reach millions of tourists

Why www.spain.info is a wonderful window to the world?

More than 11 million users and 23 million page views annually

In 9 languages and with 9 customised versions

Design suitable for mobile devices

More than 50 categories of experiences: tours, adventures, shopping, etc.

Geolocalised tourist information

Social networks built in. More interactivity. More inspiration

Tourists who are looking for experiences on their travels

The reservations are made directly on your website

How you'll see your experiences published?

On www.spain.info Tourists get to the experiences in Spain quickly and naturally as they appear linked to all the content. Also, they always include the name of the organiser, the price and the duration that you define. You can see it in this video.

1. Requirements

Check that you meet the conditions

2. Registration

Fill in the form and attach the conditions document

3. Validation

We validate your registration and give you access to the platform


It's easy to register your experiences?

If you have a unique tourism experience, with text and attractive photos to promote it, you're already there. The platform lets you upload it quickly and easily and we'll help you to publish it. As easy as it gets. Find out how to do it in this short tutorial:

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  • Agencia de viajes
  • "It is great to appear on a website like www.spain.info because it allows us to reach German tourists who can then book our bike tours." - NorteSur Incoming
  • Sabella Ruíz
  • "In a very short space of time, I saw my tourism experiences published on the page alongside the most important monument in my city, Santiago de Compostela Cathedral." - GaliWonders
  • José Jiménez
  • "It is very rewarding to see how my stargazing tour in Malaga is helping make tourism in Spain less seasonal and centralised, with activities that can be enjoyed all year round and in inland areas." - AstroÁndalus
  • Arantxa Hernández
  • "We are very happy that www.spain.info offers highly appealing ideas like the Greenways (Vías Verdes) itineraries. Travelling by bike or on foot along recovered disused railway lines is an unforgettable experience." - Vías Verdes. Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles
  • Alberto Galloso
  • "Our goal is to position Spain as a destination for natural, environmentally friendly, healthy and socially responsible tourism experiences. And now, by appearing on www.spain.info, we have confirmed that we are reaching more international tourists." - CEO & Socio de SAÓ Viajes Naturales
  • Alex Montesinos
  • "Publishing experiences on Spain's tourism website gives us visibility and provides support to our project. Relying on models that encourage sustainability is vital and promoting experiences such as visiting Ronda is key for us." - Entrelenguas
  • Alejandro del Moral
  • "The www.spain.info website opens the door to new opportunities for us. It is a universal and versatile showcase which allows us to continue combining new technologies and responsible tourism in order to create ecotourism trips to Castilla-La Mancha." - Caminos del Guadiana Ecoturismo
  • David Piquero
  • "When I was advised to publish my wine tourism experiences on an official tourism website, I thought I would have to fill in thousands of forms and papers... I was surprised at just how quick and easy it all was." - Experiencias Ribertour
In a very short space of time, I saw my tourism experiences published on the page alongside the most important monument in my city, Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.
Sabella Ruíz GaliWonders

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